Interview of Liberty And True Health… 

Good morning, I am interviewing Chad Genovese.  He has achieved the “American Dream”.  Well actually he achieved what most people merely wish for. 
Hello Chad…  

“Please tell the readers where your life has gotten to”:
First hello to you and to the readers, I am happy to share with you my position in life now.     I have manifested Liberty and True Health.  Liberty being freedom, financial freedom… time freedom… and location freedom.   True Health is health to me is physically, mentally and emotionally totally healthy.  Strength, indurance and stamina.   As you can see I am lean, muscular and have the energy of a 20yr old. 
“Chad, I see that you have achieved the physical levels of an elite athlete.  Since we are meeting here at the beautiful Old Key West Resort in Disney World, I can see the Liberty aspect as well. Now please tell me how you achieved these things..”  

That’s a great question…. well first… I mastered myself.  I mastered my thinking.  I learned that once one master’s their thinking they control what goes into the subconscious mind.   I changed my old blueprint. 

I became success conscious, abundance comcious. And have learned to control my mind to manifest my desires into reality.  

My income has been  $10,00.00/ month through my businesses; LifeVantag, Legal Shield, my credit repair company Debtinators. And my job with Professional Water Services. The Liberty that provided me is beyond peace of mind.  I am able to buy what I want when I want it. 

I have taken my family to Disney World twice a year now since my DMP has been realized.  We belong to the Disney Vacation Club and ABDOLTULY LOVE FREEDOMS OF VACATION CHOICES WE HAVE WITH IT.  Disney and Florida give me such invigorating joy!  It relaxes me and revives me all at once.  

“You got engaged too didn’t you?” 

YES!! Yes I did, to my beautiful fiancé Julie. We are planning our tropical wedding Rt here is beautiful Florida now as we speak. 

“Congratulations on that!!”    “It must be amazing to be so lucky to have this life… your income is not totally residual now isn’t it?”  

First of all, let me say it’s not “luck”.  Luck has nothing to do with it.  Luck leads into “chance”.  There is no chance…    EVERYTHING in our lives is in exact proportion to our dominating thoughts.   We create the physical with the mental. It took me  36 years to fully realize that I have been living on a drift!  It wasn’t until I took control of my thinking that I was on my way to getting the life I attained!  


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