MKMMA week 3 Webinar..

I have been playing catch-up due to money Walt Disney World vacation. I was in the air for both the third and fourth week sessions I am catching up now.  In conclusion of the third week seminar I am beginning to see things come together, including the karate kid clip into the webinar was genius. There’s so much to be learned in truth from Hollywood hidden amongst the fiction you have much truth.  I am beginning to see slight changes in myself, I noticed things in Disney that I wouldn’t of picked up on previously. I was always a fan of admirer of the late great Walter Elias Disney, however I have a new appreciation for his vision and his dharma which he so brilliantly and totally fulfilled.

All over the parks they had quotes from him, and his quotes are things that I’m learning in the MKMMA program.  He like many others that have come before him probably were not taught the things that I am now learning, however I believe that he was born one of the gifted few that already had the gift of this higher knowledge.  There is no other way to explain how people that have had no formal education or any education in the matters of the mind  have attained so much.  
This program is really answering many questions for me, it is clearing away the “fog” that seemed to surround the “how do they do that”.  It demystifies, yet at the same time mystifies the REALITY of the world within. 

Mark J. And The fabulous Davine, are truly a blessing to me.  I am so excited to learn the BIG SCIENTIFIC BACKING that he keeps mentioning.  On to week 4….  as I excercise as prescribed in week 3! 


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